Rules of Operations

You may use this website “” for the following range of services:

To post cases in need of a new adviser
To search for cases you could advise on
What can I post?

The marketplace section of the website is intended for members to post general details of cases that they would like to refer to another adviser. For example, if one of your current clients requires specialist pension or tax advice that you are not able to provide, upload a broad description of the case to the marketplace section of the site where other members who are qualified to provide the advice can declare an interest in the case. You must at all times adhere to the Terms & Conditions when posting details of a case.

What fees do I have to pay?

To post a case on the site you will be required to pay a listing fee to us of £5.00 plus VAT (Seller Transection Fee) plus 10% Buyer’s Fee levied on final transection.

How do I declare my interest?

Once you have found a case that you are qualified to deal with and want to take on, you can declare your interest on the site. If you’re successful, the client or their adviser will then call you to set up a meeting to discuss the case in more detail.

The Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

The Terms apply to any and all cases on the site, whether you are posting a case or declaring your interest.

The Terms set out the terms for use of the site, which apply to all members.

The Terms supplement our terms of website use and our privacy policy.


The site is not moderated. We will not be responsible as author, editor or publisher of any contribution submitted to the site (“Contribution”) and we expressly exclude our liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of the site by any person in contravention of the Terms. We reserve the right to promptly remove, or to disable access to, any Contribution which we deem to be potentially defamatory of any person, unlawful, misleading or in violation of any third party rights.

Legal Disclaimer

The details of the businesses and opportunities on the site are provided by third parties for your information only. We cannot verify these details and make no warranties or representations as to the detail, accuracy or completeness. If you rely on the Contributions, you do so at your own risk.

We disclaim any responsibility for actions taken as a result of any information displayed on the site.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content of the site nor that any business or opportunity displayed on the site remains available. We rely upon third parties to advise on the status of businesses and opportunities uploaded to the site.

We have not verified the accuracy of the information contained on the site and make no warranty, either express or implied, regarding the information contained on the site or in the Contributions.

Your use of the site and any information provided on the site is at your own risk. We will not be liable for any indirect, consequential, special or punitive loss, damage, costs and expenses concerning;

Loss of profit
Loss of business
Loss of reputation
Depletion of goodwill
Loss of, damage to, or corruption of data.
All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or by common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded.

We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the service provided on the site without notice. This includes the right to remove any content or Contribution you have uploaded if we consider it reasonable or necessary to do so.

By posting a Contribution on the site, you agree to pay the site the related fees and assume full responsibility for the content of the Contribution.

You may not use this site if you are under the age of 18 or you are not able to form legally binding contracts, or your membership with the site has been suspended. If you are a member of the site as a business entity, you represent that you have authority to legally bind that entity.

We cannot guarantee that other users of the site will respect the privacy or security of your information and therefore we encourage you to evaluate the privacy and security policies before placing bids and choosing to share your information with others.

You will not hold the site responsible for any loss you may incur as a result of the site taking any actions described in the Terms or set out above nor for another user’s actions or inactions including, without limitation, things they post or items they list. If you have a dispute with one or more members, you release us (and our officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries and employees) from claims, demands and damages (both actual and consequential) of every client and nature, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in way connected with such disputes.

Changes to these Rules

We may revise these rules at any time. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are legally binding on you.

We may choose to temporarily change the fees for the services provided to the site for promotional events (for example free listings) or new services. Such changes are effective when we post the temporary promotional event or new service on the site.