About Us

FBA.com is a referral platform helps to refer client cases for both Consumers and Professional Advisers.

The Financial Conduct Authority introduced the Retail Distribution Review in January 2013 to ensure investors have access to sound financial advice.

These changes have caused a significant reorganisation of the financial services advisory market. Many advisers are choosing to specialise in a single market area. e.g. Mortgages, pensions, investments and some are considering this an excellent opportunity to retire from the profession altogether. Therefore, clients may need to find a new adviser to look after their current and future assets.

Our objective is merely to provide the tools to help consumers seeking professional advisers while aiding professional advisers to refer their clients to various markets e.g.

CrossOver Client Examples:

Mortgage Scenario for Self Employed: Mortgage Finance (Financial Services) – House Purchase (Real Estate) – Conveyance (Legal Services) – Book Keeping (Accountancy)

Investment Clients : Client Asset Allocation – Investment Advice (Financial Services) – Trusts (Financial / Legal Services) – Capital Gains Tax – Accounting Returns (Accountancy)

Our services are aimed at :

  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Accountancy Services
  • Real Estate

KEY BENEFITS: Referral Income – Lead Generation – Client Retention

Managing and Maintaining ongoing client relationships
Assisting to realign and de-risk their business
Help clients to match with an appropriate adviser.