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We are a group of qualified professional advisers comprising financial advisers, accountants and lawyers – who are ready and waiting to give you the fee-based advice you need when you need it and on your terms.

In today’s busy world, finding someone to give you honest and reliable financial advice can be tricky. Demand for business information in the UK is increasing, especially since the introduction of the new legislation advisers are finding it hard to service everyone’s requirements.

Regardless of whether you are a high earner or just someone who wants to plan by putting some money aside for the future, finding a professional adviser you can trust in your area is not comfortable and how do you know that they have the right qualifications for the job? At FBA, we will give you access to the best professional advisers in the UK so that you can make your choice.

With FBA, you are always in control – you source the advice you need, when you need it, for a fee that you are willing to pay.


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FBA provide access to professional advice in the following areas:

Financial planning and wealth management services:
Our advisers can advise you about investment portfolios, unit and investment trusts, pensions, regular savings and investments, life insurance, protection and healthcare planning, mortgages and equity release. When providing fee-based financial planning advice in the UK, advisers will aim to minimise any tax liabilities that might apply to your personal or corporate affairs and use a variety of other wealth management strategies.

Real estate:
Our advisers can provide a wide range of specialist services linked to the purchase, sale or letting of any residential, commercial and agricultural property. These include everything from conveyancing services to help with conducting surveys, raising finance and mortgage advice.

Legal services:
Qualified legal specialists can provide different legal advice covering wills, trusts, company formations, director and shareholder agreements, intellectual property rights, personal injury & clinical negligence.

Accountancy services:
Qualified accountants can provide specialist services in the following areas: accounting returns; company formation; HMRC enquiries; compliance services and national insurance / PAYE.

The above list is not complete, and we are committed to helping you to find the right adviser or team of advisers to meet your needs.


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Before sourcing advice, you will need to register, so click here.

How to get started

Getting started is easy. To source an adviser, follow these steps:

Step 1: Register here

Step 2: If you know what kind of advice you need, directly post some details (see the user guide for help) and wait for advisers in your area to bid for the job. If you are unsure exactly what type of advice you need, make an enquiry, and we will send you details of three advisers in your area to get you started.

Step 3: Select your preferred adviser, considering factors like their geographic location and their estimated fees.

Step 4: Make contact with the adviser of your choice.